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Launch into the world of physics and engineering with Splat!, a fun session that demonstrates physics and engineering in the world around us and makes throwing eggs, fruit and vegetables around a garden acceptable! Splat! examines gravity, push, pull, air resistance, velocity, energy dispersal following an impact, elastic and inelastic collisions, trajectories and engineering design. Splat! involves:

  • Working in teams to design and build catapults
  • Catapulting different fruit and vegetables of varying sizes and measuring the Splat!
  • Making egg parachutes and launching them into the air for chute-tests
  • Dropping and throwing eggs, veg and fruit from different heights
  • Discovering why eggs, fruit and various vegetables Splat! when they hit the ground from a height and why tennis balls do not

Cross-cutting themes and other Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLE) groups embedded in the session:

  • Maths and numeracy – measurement, calculation
  • Teamworking
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Communication

Proudly funded by the RSC (Royal Society Of Chemistry) -This project enables children to examine and understand gravity, push, pull, air resistance and velocity, as well as the energy dispersal of objects with differing masses following an impact.


All activities within the session can be tailored to requirements. The depth that each topic is covered depends on the ages, key stage and abilities of participants, with more complex elements reserved for upper key stages. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for your group.

Try Paint Splat! – Physics, engineering and chemistry with an artistic twist. Replace fruit, veg and eggs with paint balloons and canvases or a bare wall for instant, original splashes of colour!

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Proudly Funded By The RSC (Royal Society Of Chemistry) :