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Science Clubs and Science Events

Inspire your class/group or improve family learning opportunities and community cohesion with a Wild Elements Science Club or community science event.

How can a tomato explain the extinction of the dinosaurs? How can a cactus help to build a bridge?

As a specialist provider of STEM education, Wild Elements offers a vast range of fun, hands-on scientific games, activities, experiments and competitions that are designed to convey complex science easily and promote scientific ways of thinking (developing a hypothesis, testing, experimentation, data collection, drawing conclusions and presenting findings).

Delivered by qualified science teachers, Wild Elements’ physics, chemistry, engineering and environmental sciences activities are suitable for primary and secondary schools, community science events, science clubs and stand-alone sessions for all ages.

Examples of sessions


All sessions involve problem-solving, critical thinking, teamworking, communication and presentation, and use novel ways to increase interest in the subject topic. Engineering activities also incorporate Engineering Habits of Mind (EHoM), i.e. systems thinking, adapting, problem-finding, creative problem-solving, visualising and improving.

2 hour to 6-week bespoke programmes available.

Costs depend on length of session, required activities, number of participants and location with discounts for multiple bookings. Please contact us for more information.

Alternatively, see the Wild Elements Events Calendar for upcoming events.

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