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Chemistry Colours Our World

Investigate and discover how ‘Chemistry Colours Our World’ with experiments and a little imagination! How can red cabbage be used as an indicator? How can colours disappear before your eyes?

Short chemistry-themed challenges, discovery, investigation, and fun with Wild Elements! Ideal for an after-school science club (1-hour session) or a whole day. Children will learn how to work scientifically through pH, chromatography, splitting sweets into different pigments, crazy ice cubes and spinning spectra, all of which introduce physical and organic chemistry in simple ways.

Learning outcomes (LOs):

  • LO1: How to group substances according to whether they are acidic, neutral or alkaline
  • LO2: Tests can be performed to determine whether a substance is acidic, neutral or alkaline
  • LO3: Light plays a big factor in how we view objects, especially colour

Cross-cutting themes and other Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLE) groups embedded in the session:

  • Drawing conclusions and raising further questions to be investigated, based on their data and observations
  • Producing graphs on their findings
  • Asking their own questions about scientific phenomena
  • Selecting and planning the most appropriate ways to answer questions, including: Grouping and classifying things

Proudly Funded By The RSC (Royal Society Of Chemistry) :