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STEM, Arts and Outdoor Education

Complex science made fun! Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Ecology, Botany, Marine Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Hands-on practical work, educational games and fun experiments help children and young people learn complex science without feeling daunted and, moreover, enjoy it!

Wild Arts, Creative Writing, Woodland Poetry, Story Walks and Natural Arts & Crafts

Feed imagination and creativity the Wild way!

Wild Elements specialises in Arts, STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Forest School, Bushcraft, alternative education and outdoor learning for all ages and key stages.

Sessions and activities can be tailored to provide bespoke programmes for any age, group, ability, subject, community or community event/funday.

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Education programmes are curriculum-based and designed to complement classroom teaching at key stage 1, key stage 2 and key stage 3. Activities are adaptable to suit primary schools, secondary schools, schools for children with additional learning needs, children’s clubs, youth groups, community groups and communities. Sessions are designed to increase aspirations, knowledge, confidence, hard skills and soft skills (feedback insert hyperlink). and support KS2 transitions from primary to secondary school, promote higher education and help children/young people to understand more about careers within the natural and environmental sciences.

Cross-cutting curricular themes (e.g. IT skills, numeracy, problem-solving, teamworking, communication) are embedded in every programme.

Sessions at a Wild Elements site or via outreach at a location of your choice provided permissions are granted and H&S is fulfilled.

Cost depends upon the session length, preferred activities, number of people attending and location, with discounts for multiple bookings. Please contact us to discuss requirements.

  • Splat! Launch into the physics and engineering world through designing and building catapults, catapulting fruit and vegetables of varying sizes and measuring the Splat! Splat! covers gravity, push, pull, air resistance, velocity, energy dispersal, impact, elastic and inelastic collisions, trajectories and engineering design. Enhances critical thinking, teamworking, problem-solving and… (read more about Splat!)
  • NEW! Bridges, Buildings and Botanical Blueprints Physics, engineering and how the naturally occurring mathematical structure of plants – the Fibonacci Sequence – supports engineering designs. Learn about BATS (beams, arches, trusses, suspensions), structurally sound shapes, bridge and building design, tension, compression, scale models and testing models, and discover manmade structures that follow Nature’s Botanical Blueprint. Enhances critical thinking, teamworking, communication, problem-solving, IT skills and… (read more about Bridges, Buildings and Botanical Blueprints)
  • Chemical Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water Fun with the elements! Chemistry-based experiments and activities to identify soil properties (PH, soil types), the science of fire, dramatic chemical reactions, water purity, air purity, lichens, worm poo, and the impact of water, air and soil pollution on human health and the environment. Enhances communication, literacy, language and… (read more about Chemical Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water)
  • Chemistry Colours Our World Investigate and discover how ‘Chemistry Colours Our World’ with experiments and a little imagination! How can red cabbage be used as an indicator? How colours can disappear before your eyes?…(read more about Chemistry Colours Our World)
  • NEW Paint Splat! Physics, Chemistry and Engineering with an artistic twist. Build catapults and fire paint-filled balloons at large canvases. Discover gravity, push, pull, air resistance, velocity, energy dispersal and impact whilst paints run, colours mingle and liquids merge. Large protective sheeting and aprons supplied by Wild Elements!… (read more about Paint Splat!)
  • Woods and Words Nature inspired reading, creative writing, storytelling, poetry and art for schools, young people and families… (read more about Woods and Words)
  • Woodworking and metalworking Practical hands-on woodwork and metalwork for all ages. Make your own jewellery, build a birdbox or a planter, weave a basket, carve a spoon or… (read more about Woodworking and metalworking)
  • Natural Arts and Crafts Nature-fuelled imagination, inspiration and creativity for all ages. Discover natural dyes, beach art, mud art, water colours, basket weaving, green wood working and… (read more about Natural Arts and Crafts)
  • Seasonal Arts and Crafts Hire Wild Elements for Easter Arts, Halloween and Pumpkin Carving, Mother’s Day, Christmas wreathmaking or Christmas decoration workshops… (read more about Seasonal Arts and Crafts)
  • Art Clubs and Art Events Inspire your class/group, provide activities for families, or improve community cohesion with a Wild Elements Arts Club or community arts event and… (read more about Art Clubs and Art Events)
  • NEW! A Day in the Life of a Botanist Plant sciences, evolutionary history of plants, life cycles, pollinators, why the planet needs plants, and historic and modern-day plant usage, from medicine and clothing, to solving environmental issues. Microscopes, anatomical models, glasshouse tours, carnivorous plants and a journey back through time! Enhances teamworking, presentation, research, communication, IT skills and… (read more about A Day in the Life of a Botanist)
  • A Day in the Life of an Ecologist Exploring marine habitats and ecology, species identification, survival in a marine environment, exercises, games, the impact of pollution, plastics and invasive species on marine life, and using materials found on the beach to create presentations about environmental issues. Also enhances maths, critical thinking, problem solving, teamworking, presentation, IT skills and… (read more about A Day in the Life of a Botanist)
  • NEW! A Day in the Life of a Marine Ecologist Fun-filled day of exercises and experiments demonstrating ecology, species, food chains, environmental issues, the impact of pollution, plastics and invasive species, and how ecology influences societal and governmental practices. Also enhances critical thinking, problem solving, teamworking and presentation skills… (read more about A Day in the Life of a Marine Ecologist)
  • NEW! Beaches, Bays and Barnacles Exploration of beach habitats, rockpools and sand dunes to discover the abundant range of creatures inhabiting local beaches. From seaweed, shells, worms and beach botany, to anemones, sea snails, crabs and molluscs – with closer inspection through homemade, underwater viewers… (read more about Beaches, Bays and Barnacles)
  • Homes, Habitats and Hidden Worlds Microscopic worlds through microscopic lenses, bugs, birds, mammals, food chains, woodland, water, discover what lives where and why. Hands on activities and educational exercises, building nature homes, bug hunts, species identification, wildlife observation and pond-dipping and… (read more about Homes, Habitats and Hidden Worlds)
  • Wild Seasons, Nature’s Cycles How plants, habitats and wildlife change over the seasons, from plant and insect life-cycles to ecosystems and animal behaviours. Activities include pond-dipping, bug hunts, natural crafts, educational games and tours of Treborth Botanical Garden’s tropical hot houses. Also involves mobile technologies and maths, and enhances presentation, communication and teamworking skills… (read more about Wild Seasons, Nature’s Cycles)
  • Bushcraft Take the first steps to journey confidently into the wilds of your own back garden or the world – or send your staff on a team-building day! Gain the knowledge and key skills required to survive in the wild, build a camp, use bushcraft tools, create the specialist camp equipment that minimises baggage and… (read more about Bushcraft)
  • Forest School and Beach School Education and personal development in the woodlands or sand dunes. Exploring habitats, identifying species, pond/rockpool dipping, wild art, planting trees/hedges, sandcastle engineering and much more. Programmes also develop emotional competencies, social skills and a deeper appreciation for nature… (read more about Forest School and Beach School)
  • Nature Connections Countless ways to bring adults, families, children and young people closer to nature. Bespoke activities available for any group, school, community, age and ability, from public lectures, natural arts and nature rambles, to pond-dipping, tree-climbing, bushcraft, microscopic worlds and… (read more about Nature Connections)
  • Greener Footprints Wild Your Space. Wild Elements can transform concrete and bare grass into stunning sensory gardens and wildlife zones to provide an additional permanent outdoor space for leisure, relaxation and learning. Wildflower beds, bug hotels, bee houses, outdoor classrooms, ponds, planters, picnic tables, benches, bird hides, tree-planting and even vegetable patches, orchards and… (read more about Greener Footprints)

In 2019, Wild Elements delivered 69 STEM education programmes to 2535 children and young people. Surveys show our programmes have:

  • Helped 94% understand the subject matter better
  • Increased the aspirations of 88%
  • Inspired 96% to like nature more
  • Inspired 78% to work harder in school

See Infographic for more survey results and comments