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Sowing Seeds Playscheme

Here at Wild Elements we encourage children and adults to engage with the outdoors, to learn about and care for the natural environment around them.

We have designed a six-week programme for children aged 1-5 to introduce them to nature, encouraging them to explore and discover the environment around them. Covering the curriculum in all 7 learning areas, each session will provide 3-4 activities over the course of 2 and a half hours. Including a healthy snack and drink whilst the children listen to a thematic story.

  • The first week is all about exploration and introducing the children to us and the kind of activities they will be doing.
  • The second week looks at an introduction to all kinds of different animals
  • For the third week, it’s a chance for the Children to make some noise!
  • Week four encourages the children to think more about sound and what they can hear when they are out for a walk.
  • Week five sees the children explore nature deeper, looking for what can be found!
  • The final week will be a celebration of the previous 5 weeks work, beginning with the chance to get messy with mud painting.

If there is anything specific you wish to include or any changes you want to make we will do our best to accommodate!

For more information, contact us.