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What are people saying about Wild Elements and our activities, training and programmes?

Quick Stats


  • 100% increased skills and prospects
  • 100% improved confidence and teamworking
  • 100% increased well-being
  • 100% learned something new and will do things differently as a result
  • 80% helped their family

“This has given me something to look forward to and a sense of purpose”

“This has also given me some much-needed social skills, and a human connection that I needed as I was very lonely”

“There was a wide range to do and we were never pressured”

“Wild Elements have provided me with an outlet for my creativity as well as educated me with some cool activities”

“Was fun and engaging. I would recommend it to friends, I have enjoyed it very much”…(Read More)

STEM and Outdoor Education Programmes

  • 99% enjoyed the programme
  • 96% like nature more/much more
  • 88% increased aspirations
  • 65% who did not want to attend university before the sessions changed their minds
  • 78% pledged to work harder in school

“I loved today, and I learned about physics”

“Fun, learnt that science is in everything”

“I learned that life is more than just computer games”

“Treat nature like you treat everyone”

What is the best thing about Wild Elements?

  • “The people running the course were nice and understanding of different needs and engaging with kids”
  • “You make us enjoy nature”
  • “They make boring things fun”
  • “They are great teachers”
  • “They show you stuff you haven’t learnt in school”
  • “The way you explain and talk to us”…(Read More)
  • 100% improved their well-being
  • 100% enjoyed their connection with nature
  • 100% enjoyed their engagement
  • 100% would attend another Wild Elements event

“Interesting and though provoking”

“All children have enjoyed it”

“HUGE thankyou to you and the guys for Harry’s fantastic birthday party!”

“Well planned, well organised”

“There is always plenty of variety”

“He loved it, we loved it and his friends and their parents loved it!”

“Loved every second”

My favourite part was “seeing the concentration/ enjoyment on her face”

Case Studies


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Home Education

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Young People

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All feedback is important to Wild Elements as it helps to ensure we fulfil the needs of people and communities. Please contact us with any comments.